Concept of Management – Meaning, Definitions, Nature, Features and Importance

Concept of Management


1.Management as Multidisciplinary

Although, management is altogether a separate discipline but it draws knowledge and concepts from various disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics, anthropologies, ecology etc. Infect, management is an integrated system and a complete package of .the ideas and knowledge generated from various disciplines. Management integrates the ideas, knowledge, skills and concepts from various disciplines and presents newer innovative concepts which can be put into practice for effective management in the organization.

2. Management Principles are Relative not Absolute

Management principles are applied keeping in view the time, place, socio-culture factors, individuals working in the organization, nature of organization itself and other environmental   as   well   as   economic   conditions. Therefore, some principles cannot be applied everywhere and nature of management principles is not absolute, but relative.

3. Management as a Science or an Art

There is controversy between two different schools of thought whether management is science, art or a combination of both.

Management is considered as Science because of the following features

  • There is logical consistency.
  • There is systematic explanation of activities.
  • There is critical evaluation of all aspects.
  • There is experimental analysis of all statements.
  • There is logical formulation of problems.
  • There is obvious deduction of specific hypothesis.
  • There is testing of every theorem.
  • There is logical illustration of every concept.
  • There is empirical confirmation of every theorem.
  • There is continuous advancement through knowledge. There is proper proof, prediction, definition measurement and confirmation of all concepts like science.

But principles of management are not as strict as the principles of science. They are subject to change while applying in different organization and different locations, because of cultural and social difference. That’s why management   is referred as an applied science rather than a pure science.

Management is considered as an Art because of the following features

  • There is application of skills, concepts, theorems, principles and norms are not enough.
  • There is an ardent need of creativity and art in the hands of managers. There is need of experience and practice to get excellence.
  • There is involvement of feelings, guesses, descriptions, opinions, thoughts and expressions.

4. Management as Profession

There is existence of knowledge in the management I concepts which is very important while handling managerial concepts skill or degree.

Management is considered as profession on following ground.

  • There is need to acquire a particular knowledge, to become good manager just like other professions as I doctors and engineers.
  • Now, various professional associations are also there to support the view of management as professor e.g., AIMA-A11 India Management Association and many more; the way they are with other professional domains.
  • There are specific ethical codes for management profession like other .professions of doctors, advocates etc.
  • There are special and specific motives of this profession for the society.

5. Universality of Management

  • Management principles are inevitable and necessary for all kinds of organizations.
  • Management principles are all (pervasive and therefore applicable to all the levels of management as well as all the departments.

6. Management is Goal Oriented

Management is a means to achieve certain goals which are termed as organizational goals. These goals are achieved with the utilization of all available resources. The management will be purposeful and successful only if the group goals or organizational goals are accomplished.

7. Management a Social Process

Management is to manage people, through people and for people. It becomes social process as it concerns interpersonal relations very much. Management is development of people not the direction of things; therefore the direct concern with society.

8. Management as Dynamic Process

Management is a dynamic and ongoing process. The cycle of Management continues to operate so long as there is organized action for the achievement of groups goals.

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