Performance Management – Meaning, Features, Need and Cycle

Performance Management Meaning, Features, Elements, Need and Cycle of Performance Management Meaning Performance management is the integration of performance appraisal systems with broader human resource systems as a means of aligning employees’ work behaviours with the organisation’s goals. Features of Performance Management that differentiates it from Performance Appraisal 1. Performance management never means just meeting […]

Grievance Management – Meaning, Definitions, Features, Causes, Effects and Procedure

Grievance Management   Meaning Broadly speaking grievance means any real or imaginary feeling of dissatisfaction and injustice which an employee has about his employment relationship. A well defined grievance procedure is an important element of a sound industrial relations machinery. Prompt and effective disposal of workers grievance is the key to industrial peace. The grievance […]

HRD Matrix – Instruments, Processes, Outcomes and Organizational Effectiveness

HRD Matrix   The HRD Matrix shows the interrelationships between HRD instruments, processes, outcomes and organisational effectiveness as shown in the following figure: 1. HRD instruments These include performance appraisal, counselling, role analysis, potential development, training, communication policies, job rotations, rewards, job enrichment programmes, etc. These instruments may vary depending on the size of the […]

Job Analysis – Definition, Uses, Process, Techniques

Job Analysis Meaning, Definitions, Important terms, Features, Objectives, Uses, Process and Techniques     Meaning Job analysis is a formal and detailed examination of jobs. It is a systematic investigation of the tasks, duties and responsibilities necessary to do a job. Definitions According to US Labour  Job analysis is the process of determining, by observation […]

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