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i. Kaizen is a quality improvement tool driven by teamwork. Therefore the major advantage of Kaizen is improved teamwork. As the kaizen team solves problems together, they develop a bond and build team spirit.

ii. Kaizen improvements boost the quality of services. It helps business implement new process improvements, boost efficiency and enhance time management.

iii. Kaizen helps to improve employee satisfaction by inviting workers to look at processes and systems so they can make suggestions for improvement. This develops sense of worth and satisfaction among the employees.

iv. Reducing waste (time, resources and revenue) is one of the key aspects of Kaizen.

v. Kaizen makes work easier and helps reducing potential mistakes and increase efficiency.



i. Sometimes the initial response to kaizen may be one of excitement throughout the company, but this enthusiasm can dissipate and the changes become harder to implement.

ii. Some companies might need to undergo a massive change of their current tactics and style of functioning, which can ultimately cause issues to businesses that are not well prepared.

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