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Business Organization

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Business Organization

The word ‘organization’ has originated from the word ‘organ’ which has two meanings- various parts of a human body and musical instrument. The human body is a combination of various limbs. If one of the limbs stops functioning properly, then some defects will develop in the body. Similarly, if musical instrument is not tuned properly, then it will produce non-melodious sound. Business organization also is harmonious combination of the parts or factors of a business for the purpose of producing or acquiring wealth.

Business Organization

To be a successful business it is very important to study the complexities of modern business. This subject gives an insight into the principles, practices and ideals of business organization. That is why it is included in various professional courses like BBA, MBA, B. Com and M. Com.

The notes on Simplinotes are written in a simple and easy to understand language. These notes would  be useful for various professional courses like B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA. This page covers all major topics of Business Organization and helps the student understand all the basics and get a good command on the subject. Extensive use of tables and diagrams is made, wherever necessary for better understanding of the subject. I hope teachers and students find this page both useful and interesting.

List of Topics Covered:

Concept of Business – Meaning, Definitions and Features

Nature of Business

scope of Business

Business as a system

Business  objectives

Business and environment interface

Distinction between business,  commerce and trade.


Forms of business organization

Sole proprietorship


Joint stock  company

Types of company cooperative societies

Multinational corporations.


Entrepreneurship Concept

Nature of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial opportunities in contemporary business environment

Process of setting up a business enterprise

Choice of a suitable form of business organization

Feasibility and preparation business plan.


Government and business interface

Stock exchange in India

business Combination – concept and causes

Chambers of commerce and industries in  India – FICCI, CII Association.

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