Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness There are various terms that are often used to denote organizational effectiveness such as efficiency, productivity, profitability and organizational growth. It is the concept of how effective an organization is in achieving the outcomes the organization intends to produce.  According to Barnard Organizational effectiveness is the degree to which operative goals have been […]

Organizational Development

Organizational  development Meaning Organizational Development is an organization improvement strategy. The term Organizational Development refers to a broad range of behavioural science based strategies used to diagnose the need for change in organizations and to implement changes when necessary. OD is used to encompass a collection of planned change interventions. In nutshell, change management deals […]

Organizational Growth

Organisational Growth A very useful model of organizational growth was developed by Greiner. He argues that growing organization move through five relatively calm periods of evolution, each of which ends with a period of crisis and revolution. According to Greiner, ‘each revolutionary period is characterized by the dominant management style used to achieve growth, while […]

Organizational Change

Organizational Change More and more organizations today face a dynamic and changing environment. So the organization is required to adapt this change . “Change or die” is the rallying cry among today’s managers worldwide. Therefore, in this dynamic society surrounding today’s organizations, the question before the managers is not whether change will take place or […]

Sensitivity training

Sensitivity Training Sensitivity training also known as T-group approach  (T stands for training), laboratory training or encounter group. It evolved from group dynamics concept of Kurt Lewin. The first sensitivity training session was held in 1946 in State Teachers College, New Britain, USA. Since then it spread to numerous training centers in the USA and […]

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