History of Computers

History of Computers   Until the development of the first generation computers based on vacuum tubes, there had been several developments in the computing technology related to the mechanical computing devices. Let us have a look at the major milestones which led to present day computers: 3000 B.C.   The Abacus – a rudimentary first […]

Thesis Writing

Thesis Writing Thesis writing is the final stage of the research. It provides the achievement of detailed knowledge over the problems. When a researcher takes a problem for study he finds modifications of his study. He applies some new techniques. There are three types of researchers who take their study in different ways: the post-graduates […]

Research Methods

Research Methods The aim of science is to provide new and useful information in the form of verifiable data obtained under conditions such that other qualified people can make similar observations and obtain the same results. This task calls for orderliness and precision in uncovering relationships and in communicating them to others. Experimental Method An […]

Research Process

Research Process   Research Process Steps The following order concerning various steps provide a useful procedural  guideline regarding research process : Formulation of Research Problem Literature Survey Developing Hypothesis Preparing Research Design Determining Sample Design Collection of Data Execution of Project Analysis of data Hypothesis Testing Generalization and Interpretation Preparation of Report Formulation of Research […]

Psychology Theories

Psychology Theories Much of what we know about human thought and behavior has emerged thanks to various psychology theories. For example, behavioral theories demonstrated how conditioning can be used to learn new information and behaviors. Psychology students typically spend a great deal of time studying these different theories. Some theories have fallen out of favor, […]

Types of Communication

Types of Communication    Following are the different types of communication : A. On the basis of the number of participants. This classification of communication is based on ‘either a man communicate with himself, or two men communicate with each other, or more than two Men are indulged in this act.’ Intra-personal Communication When a […]

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