Registration of Trade Union

Registration of Trade Union

Under the Trade union Act, 1926 any trade union formed with atleast seven members may apply for registration to the Registrar with the following documents:

1. A copy of the rules of the trade union.

2. Names, occupation and address of members making the application.

3. Name of the trade union and addresses of its office.

4. Designation, names, age , addresses and occupation of the office

5. Bearers of the trade union

6. In case already in occupation-submit statement of accounts/assets and liability statement

Rules : The rules of trade union require constitution of its executives with the following:

1. The name of the trade union.

2. The whole of the object for which the trade union has been established.

3. The whole of the purposes for which the general funds of the trade union shall be applicable, all of which purposes shall be purposes to which such funds are lawfully applicable under this Act.

4. The maintenance of a list of the members of the trade union and adequate facilities for the inspection thereof by the office-bearers and members of the trade union.

5. The admission of ordinary members who shall be persons actually engaged or employed I an industry with which the trade union is concerned.

6. The payment of a subscription by members of trade union which shall be not less than 25 paise per month per member.

7. The conditions under which any member shall be entitled to any benefit assured by the rules and under which any fine or forfeiture may be imposed on the members.

8. The manner in which the rules shall be amended, varied or rescinded.

9. The manner in which the members of the executive and the other office bearers of the trade union shall be appointed and removed.

10. The safe custody of the funds of the trade union, and annual audit, in such manner as may be prescribed, of the accounts thereof, and adequate facilities for the inspection of the account books by the office bearers and members of the trade union.

11. The manner in which the trade union may be dissolved.

The Registrar, if satisfied with requirements, shall register the trade union by entering the information in a registrar, to be maintained in a prescribed form. In case all terms of the Act are compiled with , it is obligatory upon the Registrar to register the union , and he has no discretion in this matter.

Registration may be cancelled if the Registrar, at any point during verifications, is certain that the registration was obtained by fraud or mistake, or it ceased to exist, or has contravened any provisions in the Act.

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