Measures for Strengthening Trade Unions

Measures  for Strengthening Trade Unions

The working of trade unions can be made successful with the adoption of following measures:

1. Development of strong base

In order to develop a strong trade union movement, it is essential to widen the unionism to unorganized sector and small towns. Workers in household, small scale and domestic sectors form trade unions. The membership of unions should also be increased. For this purpose, rigorous membership campaign should be launched.

2. One Unions in One Industry

Multiplicity of unions in same plans leads to inter-union rivalry which ultimately cuts at the root of the trade union movement. It weakens the powers for collective bargaining, and reduces the effectiveness of workers in securing their legitimate rights, therefore, there should be only one union in one industry.

3. Financial Stability

To improve the financial condition of the unions, the minimum subscription should be raised form 25 paise to R. 1 per month. National Commission on Labour suggested the check off system under which each worker would individually authorize the employer to deduct membership fee from his wage/salary and the employer pay the collections o the union. This will reduce the chances of defaults in payments by members and thereby improve the financial position of unions.

4. Internal Leadership

Outside political leadership has developed due to the absence of internal leadership. Outside leadership is the main cause for the multiple problems of the trade unions. These problems can be eradicated through the development of leadership talents from within. Management should encourage internal workers to lead their own movement. Management and trade unions should provide educational and training facilities for the development of internal leadership.

5. Elimination of Political Influence

The present linking of unions with political parties and politicians is highly dangerous for the healthy growth of trade unionism in India. It diverts the attention of unions from the problems of working class. The unions must realize the utter uselessness of party politics in trade unionism. The present political influence should be thrown away by the unions.

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