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Management is a very exciting and rewarding career. A career in management offers status, interesting work, and the satisfaction of working closely with other people. People are considered the most important resource in organizations. If they perform effectively, the organizations will succeed. Managers work closely with people, ranging from top managers to clerical workers, to ensure that organizations achieve their objectives.

BBA Notes/ MBA Notes




Business Administration courses allow the candidates to enter in the field of management, especially in the corporate world. This degree imparts the skills required to effectively run business administration and managerial functions.

A business administration degree program includes coursework in marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, ethics, project management and global business.

There are several courses designed in such a way that candidates learn the insights of the business world from basic fundamentals to advanced level strategies. BBA and MBA are two such courses. After completing class XII board exam, students can apply to various private and government colleges offering BBA programs. The course duration of BBA is three years and the course is based on semester system and each semester is of 6 months. MBA is a 2 year professional postgraduate degree course. Students can study MBA after completing any kind of UG course like BCom, BBA, B.Tech, MBBS, BCA, BSc, Bachelor of Arts etc.

This page is dedicated to all the students pursuing BBA or MBA. On this page we upload free study material for management students. Some of the subjects in BBA/MBA programs are mentioned below. You can click on the following blue links to study all the topics related to that particular subject.

Business Organization

Principles and Practices of Management

Human Resource Management/Personnel Management

Organisational Behavior

Business Communication

Quality Management

Strategic Management

Marketing Management

Production and Operation Management

Entrepreneurship Development

Industrial Relations



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