Human Resource Management/Personnel Management Notes

Human Resource Management/Personnel Management


Human resource management is the study of activities regarding people working in an organization. it is a managerial function that tries to match an organization’s needs to the skills and abilities of its employees. 

Human Resource Management (HRM) has been much talked about in the recent decades. HRM actually has its roots in ancient India. The world’s first management book, Arthashastra, written three millenniums before Christ, codified many aspects of human resource practices in Ancient India.  It presented notions of the financial administration of  he state, guiding principles for trade  and commerce, as well as management of people. 

By 250 AD, the increased trade and engagement with Romans led to widespread and successful governance methods. Later the Gupta dynasty encouraged establishment of rules and regulations for managerial systems. These ideas were to be embedded in organizational thinking for centuries. 

The modem concept of Human Resource Management finds its roots in the early Twentieth century when the dominant notion was of employee welfare. The large factories that evolved in the late Nineteenth century and early twentieth  century presented managers with major problems of human resource control. The concern about exploitation of people working in factories forced several countries world over to introduce laws to deal with issues pe1taining to grievances and welfare of the workmen. This led to the emergence of trade unions to protect the rights of the workers.

As time passed, the dynamics in relations between trade unions and management led to change in personnel management beyond legal issues and welfare to other areas such as ensured amicable industrial relations and effective personnel administration. HRM as we see today has gradually evolved through the industrial revolution era. trade unionism era, scientific movement era, human relation movement era, behavioral sciences era. personnel specialist and welfare era. has been created to fill the need for a comprehensive study material on Human Resource Management. It is meant for the students of management and is equally useful for the management practitioners and corporate people who recognize the importance of Human Resource in their organization and want to learn the management of their workforce more effectively. The fundamental concepts of Human Resource Management and their applications have been explained in simple and lucid way. In this section we have tried to upload all most all the major topics of Human Resource Management. 

Personnel Management-meaning, definition and nature

Structure of Personnel department

Job evaluation 

Job Analysis

Career Planning

Training and Development

Performance Appraisal Methods

HRM Models

Human resource accounting


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