Call Recording in Android 9 Pie (Working)- Updated January 2019

With the release of latest android pie numerous new features has been added like new gesture navigation, device care setting and new UI to list a few, but with all these new features comes down side. Google has blocked, or I would say, made the the call recording feature hard to use. With many devices getting android updates, they are loosing the major feature of android missing in IOS devices, call recording, provided with many third party app like ACR unusable. You can install any call recording app from the Google App store but the app will not record the calls like it should, either you will not hear the other person voice or it will very low in volume.

Previously when the Android Marshmallow was released, Google blocked the call recording feature on entirely every android device, but the third party apps were updated and the feature was backed, but this time its otherwise. Google has completed blocked the feature unless you root your device.

Samsung on the other has released its new One UI with android pie 9 to its majority device. Samsung Note 9 and Samsung S9/s9+ are already getting these updates in many counties.

You must be figuring WHY SAMSUNG ONE UI is in post ??

Well Samsung has added with most anticipated feature – Call Recording embedded  directly into it’s One UI. Yes, you don’t need any third party app. If you have Samsung phone with One UI installed, you can use this feature from the very first day and If you handset is due for an update, you need to wait for the update to happen which is very soon. Check if your Samsung phone is eligible for an android 9 update here.

Here how you can activate Call Recording Feature built in the new Samsung One UI.

Head over to Call App >>>

Call App

Tap Three Dots on Top Right >>>>

Samsung Phone App

Select Call Setting >>>> Tap On Record Calls

Tap on Auto record Calls and thats it!!

Yes, its easy and great to have Samsung put this feature in its One UI when Google has just decided to block this feature permanently.

Well share this post if you think it helped you to get the working Call Recording if you have updated to Android Pie and lost this feature and none of the apps on Google Play Store is working correctly.

This is my first tech post, so forgive me if I missed anything.

Stay Awesome.

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